Infrastructure works

The Quality System Management becomes for AMAST an instrument for its business strategy, pursuing an integration of all productive processes and directing them towards an ongoing improvement, and consequently to the success of our business.

It is for this reason that also in infrastructure works, as for example in the installation of sewage, public water and public lighting facilities, AMAST looks after the urban and structural planning details.

Using appropriate equipment and specialized operators, we can reach high quality standards, satisfying completely our Client’s demands. The constant search for quality in operating processes and in executed works conducted AMAST to possess a great attention for the labor market needs.

In addition, the natural development of our business permits us to extend our Quality Services to the bitumen and asphalt laying, therefore furnishing a service of high-added benefit.

We are specialized in the execution of:

  • roads
  • excavations and earth handling works
  • parking lots
  • paved areas
  • sewage facilities